If a product shows in stock, then shows out of stock when you select your bottle size, please select another bottle size which will be in stock. For example if Megapan says in stock, and you choose a 180bottle which then says out of stock, if you choose the 90bottle those will be in stock and visa-versa.

If you would like any speciality products not on this website ordering in from Endomet supplements please email lewis@deephealingspace.com

Endo-met Supplements and Human Development Products from liiife.net

Endo-met Supplements - Liiife.net are leading official suppliers of endo-met supplements worldwide. We also specialize in sourcing the very best products and services that integrate into a health programs. This store is run by Nutritional Balancing Practitioner - Lewis Rowlands. With over 10 years experience in health and wellness.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Call us on +447961805129 or email contact@liiife.net

All Endo-met products last for approximately 4 years from the manufacturing date (please note this manufacturing date on the bottle is not the expiry date). It is good to store supplements in the refrigerator to keep them as fresh as possible. The products containing glandular ingredients tend to go out of date slightly quicker than the other products. Endo-met products are peanut free, however, the company that manufactures Endo-met products do make products for others that contain nut and nut oils. 

Endo-met Supplements

Endomet Supplements & Endomet laboratories, INC, are committed to producing the highest quality vitamin and mineral supplements that can be produced. Founded in 1975 by Dr. Paul Eck, they provide unique products aligned with nutritional balancing and development science, designed specifically to match the biochemical individuality of each user. Dr. Paul Eck Spent over 40 years studying all major research fields such as biochemistry, physiology, psychology, pathology, and nutrition. Since Dr. Eck's passing 23 years ago, Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD, and others continue expanding and refining development science, leading to continuous revision and improvement of Endomet supplements.

All raw materials used in manufacturing are verified from the materials manufacturer with a certificate of analysis. This certificate ensures that vitamins and minerals meet specific quality, potency, and purity guidelines. Popular products include GB3, Paramin, Megapan, Stress Pak, SBF Formula, Limcomin, Renamide, Kelp, Zinc, Selenium, Endo-veggies, EPA DHA, Endodren, Vitamin D3, Taurine and Endopan

The following is an overview of some key products offered:

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